Service Solutions

Understanding your needs, designed for you

Customer Services Solutions

We know that one size does not fit all - each healthcare facility has its own priorities. From the most basic service agreement to the most comprehensive, RightFit helps every customer find the right fit in proven service solutions.

Maintenance Services


We offer a broad range of maintenance service agreements to meet your priorities and technologies. To give you flexibility.

Customer Services Portal

Customer Services Portal


With our Customer Services Portal all of the moving pieces of your imaging inventory just got easier. And it comes with every Philips Equipment.

Managed Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance service

    Maintenance service

    Our Managed maintenance services contract covers multi-vendor equipment. It can help you minimize your imaging equipment downtime.

  • Ultrasound Transducer Maintenance

    Ultrasound Transducer Maintenance

    A complete multi-vendor ultrasound transducer maintenance, repair and exchange service.

Lifecycle Services


Accessing our latest lifecycle solutions for your Philips Imaging Systems offer you true flexibility, convenience and empowerment.

  • Lifecycle Fund

    Lifecycle Fund

    Lifecycle spending in your imaging department or hospital that is flexible, convenient and predictable. Read more on the Philips Lifecycle Fund website.

  • About SmartPath

    About SmartPath

    Discover our portfolio of upgrades and trade-ins that can extend the life of your equipment. SmartPath can help keep your imaging systems up-to-date.

Performance Services


Performance Improvement Services envisions to empower hospital departments by providing a flexible suite of continuous improvement solutions to provide a path to help you find and maximize opportunities for doing more with less while helping you focus on patient care.

  • PerformanceBridge


    PerformanceBridge is an integrated, scalable portfolio of services, tools and support enabling hospital departments to improve their performance and build a program for continuous improvement over time.

  • PerformanceBridge Practice

    PerformanceBridge Practice

Education & Training


Our comprehensive, clinically relevant courses, programs, and learning paths are designed to help enhance operational efficiency and provide high-quality patient care.


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