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Philips Network Assessment


A simple, effective approach to assessing patient monitoring networks and providing guidance


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Assessing patient monitoring networks


Ensuring an optimal performance of your network in combination with Philips patient monitoring solutions requires the assessment of OEM specialists.


Philips Network Assessment* is the first step toward the seamless integration of IntelliVue patient monitoring components across your hospital IT infrastructure. It consists of a baseline network assessment, post-install function test and verification and network design consultancy of your patient monitoring network.


This may enable compliance to security and data transfer requirements for wired and/or wireless network infrastructures, based on the IntelliVue network specifications.


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Structured approach to fully assessing your network

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Access to Philips specialists with a thorough working knowledge of your systems

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May avoid lost data and downtime

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Determination of your network’s capabilities for wired and/or wireless network infrastructures for patient monitoring solutions

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Fixed or flexible prices for one-time or multiple assessments

​*Offer is market dependent. Please reach out to your local Philips representative for more information​

Offerings based on customer’s needs


Philips Network Assessment is part of our IT Services offerings that help providers securely connect Philips patient monitoring technology on their networks. Our IT Services often begin with assessing your network performance and functionality. We do this using a structured approach.

Key technical facts chart

Key technical facts


  • Philips Network Assessment is based on IntelliVue Network Specification — aligned to IEC/ISO/AAMI 80001–1
  • Supports Smart-Hopping in 1.4 GHz or in 2.4 GHz wireless networks
  • Supports 802.11 a/b/n/g wireless networks

A proven process


Understanding your needs, designed for you


Philips Network Assessment may identify and reduce gaps that can have a negative effect on the performance of your network. This may improve IT network performance and support and optimize clinical workflow.

Always there, always on


Philips Network Assessment gives you the confidence that your patient monitoring equipment will perform consistently, day-in, day-out. Our easy implementation process gives you quicker access to the clinical applications and systems you and your patients need.

Working as one with your team


Every year we perform more than 8,000 installations in North America alone and we recognize the importance of truly collaborating with health care organizations like yours. Our success is underscored by top rankings in IMV ServiceTrak™ customer satisfaction reports.

Resources to support your decision-making


Customer Testimonial

Why work with Philips

I’ve had numerous interactions with Philips IT specialists and they’ve certainly been responsive and helpful straight away. I’m very confident in their knowledge.”


- Rob Baisden, Senior Biomedical Manager for Biomedical Technology Services

Customer testimonial

Watch a Philips IT Services customer testimonial



Hospital networks are often not designed to leverage patient monitoring equipment and are often not optimized. This means that critical data could be lost and performance might drop. Philips Network Assessment gives you a clear picture of your existing environment so you understand how you can benefit most from a performance optimization solution, and offers the following benefits.


Increased confidence that Philips monitoring equipment performs consistently


May improve IT network performance and can support and optimize clinical workflow


May improve cost of ownership


First step to ensuring a solid infrastructure is in place for ongoing system performance


May enable compliance to meet security and data transfer requirements for wired and/or wireless network infrastructures

Financial value


By taking the first step toward optimizing the use of your network infrastructure, you can develop networking strategies to ensure your investments are optimized for ROI. Options include:

  • A one-off evaluation
  • Regularly scheduled evaluations every 1, 3 or 5 years

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