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My Philips steam iron does not remove creases

If your Philips steam iron is not removing wrinkles, we are here to help. Find out here how to solve it.

The temperature is set too low

For irons with a temperature dial, please set the temperature according to the fabric that you are ironing. You can use the following table as reference:

Please note that for some fabrics, steam would be needed to remove creases more efficiently.

Setting the Philips steam generator temperature according to the fabric to iron

Steam is not used

For steam generators: press and hold the steam button/trigger continuously to generate steam. When you release the button, your iron will stop steaming.

For steam irons: you can get more steam by using the shot of steam (a boost of steam) to help remove tough wrinkles.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC1480/02 , GC5057/27 , GC5050/02 , GC4810/27 , GC3740/32 , GC3720/32 , GC3720/02 , GC3593/27 , GC3593/02 , GC2965/86 , GC2965/80 , GC2965/02 , GC2960/50 , GC2960/02 , GC2930/30 , GC2920/02 , GC2910/02 , GC2710/02 , GC1490/02 , GC4512/20 , GC2860/02 , GC3588/02 , GC4620/02 , GC4630/02 , GC3240/02 , GC2510/12 , GC4340/02 , GC3230/02 , GC3221/02 , GC3106/02 , GC3388/22 , GC4330/02 , GC4320/02 , GC3330/02 , GC3340/27 , GC2510/27 , GC2510/02 , GC2520/02 , GC2560/02 , GC4430/02 , GC4440/02 . more less

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