Recycling passports

Recycling passports
Patient Monitoring

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Please find herewith the recycling passports for Patient Monitoring products.

Patient Monitors

SureSigns VS2i/VS2+ 863275, 863276, 863277/863278, 863279
SureSigns VM1 863264, 863265, 863266
SureSigns VS2 Models 863079,863080,863081,863082
SureSigns VS3 Models 863069, 863070, 863071,863072, 863073, 863074
MP2/X2 Patient Monitors Models M8102A / M3002A
Intellivue MP5 Model M8105A
IntellivueMP20/MP30 Models M8001A / M8002A
IntellivueMP40/MP50 Models M8003A / M8004A
IntellivueMP60/MP70 Models M8005A / M8007A
IntellivueMP80/MP90 Models M8008A / M8010A
M3 Model M3046A
MX40 Models 865350, 865351, 865352
MX800 Model 865240
ICG Monitor Models 862146 / 453564012601
CO2 Transducer Sensor Model M1460A
6-Slot Module Rack Model M1276A
Anesthetic Gas Module Model M1026B
15in TFT Touch XGA Display Model M8031A
17in TFT Touch Model M8033C
SureSigns VSV Monitor Model M863067
SureSigns Central Network Switch Models 453564418871, 453564434481, 453564434491 (863291)
SureSigns Central Speaker Bar Model 453564381621 (863291)
SureSigns Central Display Model 863291 central display
SureSigns Central PC Model 863291 PC
SureSigns Central Printer Model 863291 printer

Intellivue Telemetry System

Access Point Models M842A / 453563495091
Access Point Controller Models M3171 / 453564009481
Synchronization Unit Models M4844A / 453564025901


Philips Telemetry System Transmitter Model M2601A
Philips Telemetry System Receiver Model M2603A
Philips Telemetry System Mainframe Model M2604A
Philips Telemetry System Line Amplifier Model M2606A
Philips Telemetry System Power Tee Model M2607A
Philips Telemetry System Antenna Combiner Model M2608A
Philips Telemetry System Band Pass Filter Model M2612A
Philips Telemetry System Frequency Converter Model M2616A
Telemon B Model M2636B
Telemon C Model M2636C
Power Distribution Module Models 3166-60000 / M3166A
Battery Extender Model M2601-60189
PWD Transmitter Model 862108
PWD Transmitter Model 862439


CareNet Controller Model 7851B
Battery Reconditioner AGI-3002 Model M4791A
Universal Power Converter Models M4792A / 453563464761
USB 2-Channel Recorder Models M3176C / 862120
Thermal Array Recorder Module Model 1116B
4-Channel Thermal Recorder Models M3160A / M3160-60001
Intellibridge EC40-80 Model 865056
Smarthopping 2.4GHz Access Point Model 989803171221
Smarthopping Access Point Controller Model 865346

Fetal Monitors

Series 50A/IP Fetal Monitor Models M1351A / M1353A
Series 50XM/XMO Fetal Monitor Models M1350B/C
Avalon CTS Base Station and Transducers Model Base Station M2720A
Model Transducers M2725A, M2726A, M2727A
Avalon FM20/30 Models M2702A/M2703A
Avalon FM40/50 Models M2704A/M2705A

Invivo Patient Monitors

Essential MRI Patient Monitor 865353
Expression IP5 865471
Expression Patient Monitor 865214
Precess Patient Monitor 3160, 3160 DCU, 3160 WPU
4500MRI Pulse Oximeter 3109-1 & 3109-3
Millennia Patient Monitor 3155MVS
Magnitude Patient Monitor 3150M


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