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Philips concludes fourth consecutive pan-Africa roadshow raising awareness on sustainable healthcare and lighting solutions 

  • · The roadshow covered sixteen cities in fifteen countries in four months

  • · Philips showcased local, relevant and affordable innovations in lighting and healthcare solutions that improve the lives of many people in Africa

  • · The pan-African roadshow is part of Philips’ ambitious growth plan to significantly expand its business footprint on the continent

  • · Philips concluded inspiring partnerships, such as with the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) to install 100 Community Light Centers across Africa

September 10, 2013


Algiers, Algeria – Royal Philips Electronics (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) has today arrived in Algiers, the final destination of the pan-Africa roadshow 2013. Following the kick-off in Cape Town four months ago, Philips has visited sixteen cities in fifteen countries. The roadshow focuses on increasing awareness on how healthcare and lighting solutions can contribute to improving the quality of lives in Africa. The initial traveling schedule included meetings in Tripoli and Cairo, the planned final destination of this year’s roadshow. Due to the current situation in both countries, Philips decided to end the tour in Algeria instead.


During the roadshow Philips showcased local, relevant and affordable innovations in lighting and healthcare solutions that can improve the lives of many in Africa. With innovations addressing local needs and by partnering with local talent and organizations, Philips is committed to enlarging its business footprint in Africa while improving the lives of millions.


JJ van Dongen, Vice President and CEO Philips Africa says: “Philips has been active in Africa for over a century. We are committed to a multiyear investment plan to significantly increase our business footprint in the coming years, based upon locally relevant product and innovations that address the needs of the growing Africa population. 

  • Supporting the UN Millennium Development Goals: Mother and Child Care

During the Cape Town to Cairo roadshow 2013 Philips engaged in a dialogue with customers, governments, NGOs and media on the key challenges facing Africa today. The roadshow continued its focus on Mother and Child Care, supporting the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 aimed at reducing child mortality rates and improving maternal health. With clinical education and training programs for African healthcare professionals and through large scale healthcare revitalization projects, Philips helps to improve standards of care.

  • Reliable and cost effective illumination

More than 500 million Africans currently live without electricity. For people living near the equator, darkness falls around 7pm all year round, slowing down or completely stopping many vital activities. By highlighting the benefits of LED and solar lighting during the roadshow, Philips illustrated how its lighting solutions can address some of the key issues such as energy efficiency, climate change and resource scarcity that Africa is currently facing. These solutions also create opportunities such as an increase in productivity by extending the day with solar lighting.

  • Highlights of the 2013 roadshow

Partnership with the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) to install Community Light Centers across Africa

Philips partnered with the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) in order to demonstrate how new breakthroughs in solar powered LED lighting can enable social and economic development life for rural communities. Philips committed an investment of EUR 1.2 million (spread over three years) to the Community Light Centers initiative.

The Community Light Centers are areas the size of a small soccer pitch and are lit using a new generation of very efficient solar powered LED lighting. The concept of the Light Centers is to create areas of light for rural communities which live without electricity, thus effectively ‘extending the day and extending play’ creating numerous opportunities for social, sporting and economic activities in the evening. As such, the Light Centers enable and support the KNVB’s World Coaches program in Africa, a program that trains local football coaches in using football for social development, focusing on communities in developing countries.


A number of Community Light Centers have already been installed, such as the ones that were built in partnership with Super Sport Let’s Play and Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Co, the recently completed projects at Dumisa Public School near Ladysmith, Lebowa Kgomo in Mpumalanga and in Gauteng at the Lion Park Primary School. During the Cairo to Cape Town Roadshow 2013 Philips announced the development a total number of 82 new Community Light Centers in South Africa (6 new centers), Mozambique (27), Tanzania (1), Kenya (19), Ethiopia (1), Ghana (26), Nigeria (1) and Morocco (1).


A Pan-African soccer tour with African soccer legends under solar-powered LED floodlights during the roadshow highlighted this partnership, with international football legends showing their support: Nwankwo Kanu, (Inter Milan, Arsenal, Portsmouth and Ajax Amsterdam); captain of the Netherlands team Aron Winter (Lazio Roma, Inter Milan, Ajax Amsterdam); Pierre van Hooijdonk (Celtic, Benfica, Feyenoord Fenerbahce) and popular local African star Manuel ‘Tico Tico’ Bucuane (Orlando Pirates, Jomo Cosmos, Supersport Utd).


Kick-off 2013: inspiring partnership in Johannesburg

On May 14, the launch day of the 2013 roadshow in Johannesburg, Philips and the University of Johannesburg, together with the Gauteng Department of Health announced the start of a cooperative pilot project focusing on the specialist treatment, retrieval and transfer of high risk mother and child cases in Gauteng. The partnership focuses on equipping a specialized Mother & Child Care ambulance, as well as the training of a specialist retrieval team to effectively manage maternal emergencies to save lives of mothers and children.


First time visit to Zimbabwe and Senegal: training for healthcare professionals to improve mother and childcare

Philips has included Zimbabwe in the roadshow for the first time with the ambition to help revitalize the healthcare infrastructure in the country and to contribute to the government’s efforts to improve maternal and child health. For three days, starting May 23, Philips conducted clinical training workshops in the Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Hospital on fetal monitoring, infant warming, jaundice management and clinical ultrasound. Approximately 70 healthcare professionals attended: midwives, maternity nurses, obstetricians and ultrasound practitioners. Purpose of the workshops was to train the clinical workforce to provide equitable and sustainable basic health services to all – particularly mothers and children.

With a similar purpose, Philips also included Senegal in this year’s roadshow. During the course of two days 160 healthcare professionals were trained by Philips training workshops at the Hôpital Principal de Dakar and l’ENDSS in Dakar to improve the quality of mother and child care. The stopover in Senegal, supported strongly by the local partner MEDISYS (Medical Systems Sarl) is part of an extensive multi-year investment plan to significantly increase the company’s business footprint on the African continent with innovations addressing local needs.


Second visit to Uganda: Philips announces positive research results on use of ultrasound imaging technology

One June 27, Philips showcased in Kampala how cost-effective ultrasound technology can reduce maternal mortality in rural areas in Uganda. By using Philips’ ultrasound imaging technology for preventive screening of expectant mothers, a study by Imaging the World (ITW) shows that through early detection of complications, women at-risk can be referred to appropriate care centers in time. Multipurpose and easy to handle, Philips’ ClearVue Ultrasound technology also gives Ugandan healthcare providers a diagnostic tool for early detection of breast cancer allowing for timely treatment. Philips announced these initial positive results as part of the Uganda leg of its fourth consecutive Cape Town to Cairo Roadshow 2013. Through knowledge sharing and by providing clinical training to local healthcare professionals in Kampala, Philips aims to contribute towards the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality.


 ‘Touching 1 million lives by 2020’ initiative to improve maternal and childcare in Ghana

On July 2 in, Accra, Ghana , Philips announced the start of a unique healthcare project in Ghana: ‘Touching 1 million Ghanaian lives by 2020’. The initiative aims to make preventive screening available to expectant women by providing ultrasound imaging equipment including training of healthcare professionals, maintenance and technical support to 10 healthcare facilities across the country. The project will be executed in phases in close cooperation with key local stakeholders including the Ministry of Health. The ‘Touching 1 million lives by 2020’ initiative, falls under Philips’ collaborative ‘Fabric of Africa’ campaign which drives public-private partnerships to improve healthcare access across the continent; and is closely linked to Philips’ vision to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025.


The initiative will be conducted in two phases. During the first phase Philips will provide the Ministry of Health, with a Philips ClearVue 350 ultrasound machine and all inherent services for the duration of the program, such as local technical management and execution support and training of healthcare staff. Education and training of healthcare professionals will be central to the success and sustainability of the program.

During the second phase, Philips will extend this program to 9 healthcare facilities across the country and contribute an additional 9 ultrasound machines over a period of 2 years with the ultimate goal of impacting one million mothers and children by 2020 who currently have limited or no access to even basic healthcare screening.


JJ van Dongen summarizes, “With this fourth pan-African roadshow, Philips has again showed its dedication to continuing and growing the engagements, partnerships and commitments that we have made to Africa. Issues like Mother and Child care and energy efficiency are of high priority for societies and policy makers. Philips recognizes this need and will continue to create dialogue and cooperation between governments and non-governmental organizations, between public and private stakeholders. Africa is and will be an important growth market to us.”



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